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Last Updated on 17 May 2023

How to Identify Trending Products

Trending products are items that experience a sudden surge in popularity and demand in the market. Identifying these products is essential for businesses, as it allows them to capitalize on emerging trends and stay ahead of the competition. This guide will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to identify both short-term and long-term trending products.

Short Term Trends

Social media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are powerful tools for identifying short-term trends. By following popular accounts in your niche, you can discover what products are gaining traction and generating buzz.

Influencers' paid endorsements

Influencers often promote new, exciting products. Monitoring sponsored content or paid endorsements can give you an idea of which products are gaining momentum in the market.

Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos on platforms like YouTube or TikTok can reveal new and trendy products. These videos often showcase first impressions and reviews, providing insights into what's currently popular.

Trending product-related posts and reels

Keep an eye on trending posts and reels featuring product reviews, tutorials, and hauls to discover what's capturing consumers' attention.


Search for relevant hashtags on social media platforms to discover popular products in your niche. Hashtags like #trending, #newproduct, or #bestseller can help you uncover the latest trends.

Long Term Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a valuable tool for identifying long-term trends by analyzing search volume data. By monitoring the popularity of keywords related to your niche over time, you can make informed decisions on which products to sell.

Product hunting tools

Tools like Terapeak, Dropship Spy, Ecomhunt, and Niche Scraper can help you identify trending products by analyzing sales data, customer reviews, and social media engagement.

Reddit communities

Subreddits dedicated to specific niches or industries can provide insights into long-term trends. By participating in these communities and monitoring discussions, you can discover popular products and emerging trends.

Competitor analysis

Analyzing your competitors' websites and best-selling products can help you identify long-term trends. Look for patterns in their product offerings, promotional strategies, and customer feedback to gain insights into the market.


In conclusion, identifying trending products is crucial for staying competitive in today's fast-paced market. By utilizing a combination of social media, search data, product hunting tools, and competitor analysis, you can effectively identify both short-term and long-term trends. By staying informed and adapting your product offerings accordingly, you can ensure your business remains ahead of the curve and capitalizes on emerging trends.

Written by Johana Choi